R.I.P fflorens McFarlane

Every Parishioner is precious to you in ministry but some leaves a mark that transforms you.

R.I.P fflorens McFarlane from St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town. She was almost 95yrs young. The last time I saw her in December she was diminished  in mind though she though she did say “If you’ve come to see me I must be dying!” – so not diminished in humor.

She often said she wanted me to take her funeral and I fear that won’t be easily possible.

But since I heard the news this morning, I’ve been giving thanks for a most remarkable, outspoken, principled and good person.

She helped me to understand what faithfulness is all about and her yearly Cape Town calendar was a sign that she understood how much the community there had formed me and the bond that exists between us.

Now she will be troubling the Angels with hers opinions…which I find quite a consoling thought.

Thank you fflorens , for all your kindness and fun. Discipleship needs to be filled with laughter and you showed us that with your wicked stare!

You will be missed.

Acknowlegement go to Chris Chivers former Precentor of St George’s Cathedral who wrote the article

Thanks to Patricia Ellis for this lovely photo that’s been added


The photo was taken by Frans Engels, one of our customers from Holland .


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