fflorens McFarlane

Our many customers & friends will be sad to hear of fflorens’ death. She was one of our last surviving founding members of the shop which opened on the 1st August 2001. We had been doing a once a month sale of books & bric-a brac outside the Cathedral for 17 years prior to this and it was a big jump to having our own permanent space.  It was these very committed volunteers who made it possible- and like ‘Topsy’ we just grew.

We have always been a touch eccentric and quirky, & fflorens  as well as the many  who have died or moved on – June Hattersley, Gisela Becker, Dorothy Brock & others have left their own unique stamp. I am so grateful to them as well as our current volunteers. We try to make this a safe & welcoming space for our team, as well as the many customers and visitors who gather here- sometimes to buy books & other goodies and often just to chat.

Thank you fflorens – and thank you all. Pat


One response to “fflorens McFarlane

  1. Anders Bjorn Langelo

    Met dear Fflorens first time in 2003 and she asked me to translate the leaflet about the cathedral into Danish. So I did. Saw her again about 18 months later. She sent me a Christmas card every year until a few years ago – she was such a dear and remarkable person. RIP Fflorens.
    Anders – Copenhagen/Denmark

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